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BBQ Accessories from Char-Broil

What grill accessories does every barbecue enthusiast need? 

Some barbecue accessories are essential for anyone who likes to grill on a regular basis, regardless of whether you use a gas grill or a charcoal grill. 
In our opinion, the following BBQ accessories are an absolute must: a grill cover, BBQ tools and utensils, grilling gloves and a BBQ thermometer.

Grill covers

Wherever you store your barbecue, a grill cover is important for protecting it against dust, dirt, wind and rain. After all, only by protecting your grill can you ensure that it remains intact and fully functional for a long time to come.

  • Char-Broil offers the ideal grill cover for every model, for example the:
  • Premium 2 burner grill cover: fits the Platinum 2200 and Professional 2200 gas grills
  • Premium 3 burner grill cover: fits the Platinum 3400 and Professional 3400 gas grills
  • Premium 4 burner grill cover: fits the Platinum 4400 and Professional 4400 gas grills
    Cover for MOK entertainment module: fits the MOK entertainment module.

BBQ tools and utensils

To easily move barbecued food, whatever the size and shape, you will need Locking tongs, a barbecue fork and a spatula. You can either purchase these three tools individually or as a set. All tools and utensils from Char-Broil feature comfort grips for a firm hold that is easy on your hands.
Do you love to marinate your grilled food? If so, you’ll also need a basting brush so that you can easily spread your favourite marinade all over your tasty treats.

Grilling gloves

Grilling gloves that protect your hands against direct heat when barbecuing are an absolute must. With Char-Broil, you can choose between three different types of gloves: high-performance grilling gloves, leather grilling gloves and the barbecue mitt. The high-performance grilling gloves can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C, while the leather grilling gloves can protect your hands and wrists against temperatures of up to 130°C.

The grilling apron from Char-Broil is also a handy BBQ accessory. It contains pockets in which you can store your gloves and tools so that they are always close at hand.


For successful grilling results, the right temperature is absolutely essential. The thermometers from Char-Broil help you to always achieve the optimal temperature and perfectly grill your meals. In our range, you can choose between the smart thermometer, digital thermometer and meat thermometers.

Cleaning and maintenance

The next generation of barbecue cleaning solutions has now arrived. The nylon brushes from Char-Broil feature Cool-clean technology and clean grates quicker, better and more thoroughly than conventional brushes with metal bristles. If you want your barbecue to last a long time, it’s important to keep it clean.
With the Hot-clean replacement head for the Cool-clean premium brush, you don’t have to wait until your barbecue has fully cooled down before cleaning it – simply use the brush directly on the hot grill.
The Char-Broil grill and grate cleaning sprays are the perfect match for the Cool-clean brushes.

Barbecue accessories for a more varied grilling experience

With the right grill accessories, you can try out a wide range of different techniques and surprise your friends and family with new barbecued creations.


Skewers are the perfect accessories for preparing delicious meat and vegetable kebabs. Simply slide on some chunks of meat and vegetables and your kebab is ready to be barbecued. The Char-Broil range features three different types of skewers (All-Star rotisserie, Premium rotisserie kit and double skewer set) and skewer racks that prevent skewers from slipping and sticking to the grill.

Grill baskets

With the grill baskets from Char-Broil, you can gently barbecue smaller items and fish on your grill. The GRILL+ basket is made of high-quality stainless steel and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The stainless steel basket stands above the grate to prevent food from overcooking.


The practical griddles from Char-Broil can be used for a variety of purposes and are ideal for
grilled food such as prawns, vegetables, eggs and pancakes.

  • Our product range offers the following griddles:
  • Universal griddle: fits all 2 to 4 burner grills
  • Cast iron griddle: fits all sideburners
  • Round griddle: fits the All-Star
  • 2 burner grill griddle: fits the Professional 2200 and Performance 4 burner gas grills
  • 3 burner grill griddle: fits the Professional 3400 gas grill, the 2 and 3 burner grills in the Performance line and the Gas2Coal hybrid grill
  • 4 burner grill griddle: fits the Professional 4400 gas grill
  • Convective line griddle: fits the Convective line

Grill toppers

Grill toppers are ideal for barbecuing seafood, vegetables or other ‘small’ dishes on your grill. Our toppers (the GRILL+ topper and grill topper XL) are made of high-quality stainless steel and have very narrow slots to prevent barbecued food from falling through.

BBQ stones

Grill stones keep direct heat and flames away from barbecued food to protect meals from overheating. With the pizza stones from Char-Broil, you can even bake pizza and bread on your grill. We also offer a special stone for the Kamander charcoal barbecue.

The GRILL+ series

Smoking, baking, steaming and more: the GRILL+ series of accessories opens up a whole world of grilling possibilities. Be it on your gas, charcoal or electric grill, this series can be supplemented and combined with a variety of elements of your choice so that you can get even more out of your barbecued dishes. All elements are made of high-quality stainless steel. 
If you want an extra-special grilling experience, the GRILL+ Roasting dish & cutting board is the perfect place to start. The hard-wearing roasting dish can be used on your barbecue or in the oven with no problem whatsoever. As you would expect, the dish is also dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean. The FSC-certified cutting board can be used for preparing food or as a lid. 
The roasting dish can be combined with a multitude of other products in the GRILL+ series for smoking, steaming or cooking your barbecued food – whatever best suits your needs. Other projects in the series include the GRILL+ Multi rack, GRILL+ Skewers, a GRILL+ Topper and GRILL+ Baskets. The series of accessories is also constantly being further developed.

Barbecue accessories for gas grills

To look after your gas grill, we recommend that you purchase a corresponding grill cover to safely protect it in all kinds of weather. Char-Broil offers special BBQ covers for the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen, the All-Star, the Verano 200 and The Big Easy. Our Premium 2 burner, 3 burner, and 4 burner grill covers fit the gas grills in the Platinum, Professional, Performance and Convective lines.
Our practical griddles are also an absolute must for preparing barbecued food such as prawns, vegetables or fried eggs on your gas grill.

Accessories for charcoal grills

A grill cover optimally protects your charcoal grill in all kinds of weather. Char-Broil offers special grill covers for the Kamander, Kettleman and Oklahoma Joe’s barbecues.
Other essential accessories include the half-time charcoal starter and grilling gloves, which protect your hands when barbecuing. With Char-Broil, you can choose between three different types of glove: high-performance grilling gloves, leather grilling gloves and the barbecue mitt.
A cast iron smoker box or stainless steel smoker box and wood chips, which give your grilled delicacies an additional exquisite finishing touch, are also a must for smoking fans.

Accessories for electric grills

We offer tailor-made grill covers for the All-Star Electric and the Digital Smoker.
Our product range additionally contains the following items especially for the All-Star: the All-Star shelf for extra space, the All-Star rotisserie for big barbecuing results in limited space and the All-Star cooling basket made of polyester. The hinged side shelves of the All-Star Electric are compatible with the Gear Trax accessories from Char-Broil.
For the Digital Smoker, we have developed a stand that raises the smoker grill 40cm from the ground and provides you with easier access to your food.

Accessories for smokers

Two products are an absolute must for smoking fans: a cast iron or stainless steel smoker box and our wood chips mesquite, hickory or apple. These aromatic chips give your grilled delicacies an additional exquisite finishing touch. Mesquite has an earthy flavour and is particularly suitable for red meat and cheese, while hickory is sweet and the ideal match for beef, pork and game. Apple wood is excellent for poultry, beef, pork, game birds and seafood.
You should also use a grill cover to protect your smoker against all kinds of weather. We offer tailor-made grill covers for the Digital Smoker, The Big Easy, Kamander and Oklahoma Joe’s.
For the Digital Smoker, we have also developed a stand that raises the smoker grill 40cm from the ground and provides you with easier access to your food. 

The adaptor kit UK allows you to connect a large gas tank to your Grill2Go.