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    3-4 burner grill cover
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    Extrawide grill cover
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BBQ Covers from Char-Broil – Full Protection for your Grill

Are you the proud owner of one of our grills and do you want to fully protect the latest addition to your household, even against storms, rain and hail? If so, our barbecue covers are the ideal solution for you. You can find the perfect cover for each of our grills in our range! Be it a gas grill, electric grill, charcoal grill or smoker, use a matching grill cover to make your barbecue a reliable companion for many years to come.

Why you need a barbecue cover for your grill

Do you love your Char-Broil barbecue just as much as we do? Then you need to give it the best protection against all kinds of weather – after all, your grill prefers the summer and likes to be kept dry at all times. You should therefore protect it against dirt and the elements with a weatherproof BBQ cover. Even if you store your grill in the cellar or your summer house, you should consider purchasing a suitable grill cover to provide extra protection against moisture and insects.

Which BBQ cover will fit my grill?

Find the perfect fit with Char-Broil – be it a kettle grill or a 6 burner grill, we offer the ideal grill cover for all of our barbecues. You can find out how to find the right cover for your grill below, but first here’s an overview of all of our products:

  • BBQ cover for 2 burner grills
  • BBQ cover for 3-4 burner grills
  • Extrawide grill cover
  • Premium 2 burner grill cover for the Platinum 2200 and Professional 2200 gas grills
  • Premium 3 burner grill cover for the Platinum 3400 and Professional 3400 gas grills
  • Premium 4 burner grill cover for the Platinum 4400 and Professional 4400 gas grills
  • Cover for MOK 3 burner grill for the Ultimate Outdoor 3200
  • Cover for MOK entertainment module for the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment worktop
  • Verano 200 cover for the Verano 200 gas grill
  • Kamander cover for the Kamander charcoal grill
  • Oklahoma Joe cover
  • The Big Easy cover
  • Kettleman grill cover for the Kettleman charcoal grill
  • Digital Smoker cover for the Digital Smoker electric grill

1. How many burners does my grill have?

When it comes to finding the right cover for your barbecue, size is the main factor. You first need to know how many burners your grill has. We offer special grill covers for 2, 3 and 4 burner grills. If you have a 6 burner grill, we also offer an ideal solution in the form of our extra-large barbecue cover.
Our range additionally features matching BBQ covers and other barbecue accessories for our charcoal and electric grills! Whatever the size, we have the perfect cover!
Do you want to take your mobile gas grill with you to the park? No problem at all! With the Grill2Go Carry-all, you can easily take your handy companion with you wherever you go.

2. What material is best?

Our premium BBQ covers are tailor-made for the size of your grill. They are extremely strong, water-repellent and tearproof thanks to their spun-dyed premium polyester material. To prevent them from flying away in windy or stormy weather, the covers can be securely attached at the side thanks to their Velcro straps. The premium grill covers additionally feature a hanging hook for easy storage when grilling. For extra-large grills, we offer a water-repellent PVC-coated cover with side closure straps for a secure fit. 

What do I need to bear in mind?

 Do you want to spend as much time as possible barbecuing? So do we! That’s why we have ensured that our BBQ covers are extremely easy to use. Simply pull the cover over your closed grill and close the fastenings. The Char-Broil logo should always be at the front. Can’t be bothered to spend ages cleaning? We totally understand! We have developed our grill covers in such a way that virtually all dirt and grime simply wash off, meaning that you don’t need to spend forever cleaning your cover – simply wipe it down and leave it looking as good as new! We think our barbecue covers are the simplest accessories around!