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Hybrid BBQ Grills from Char-Broil

Char-Broil is proud to present the latest barbecue innovation: one grill, two systems. Hybrid grills are the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want to settle for just one type of barbecue!

Gas grill or charcoal grill? Both: Grills with gas and charcoal!

Do you love playing with fire? Is grilling with charcoal the ultimate barbecuing ritual for you? If so, charcoal grills are the ideal option for you, offering both that smoky charcoal aroma and a genuine barbecue feeling.

Or are you not a fan of smoke, longer waiting times and complex cleaning and instead prefer a more convenient grilling experience? In that case, a gas grill is the perfect choice for you! This option impresses users with its convenient, quick and clean grilling method with no residues left by the build-up of ash. What’s more, Char-Broil even offers a rustproof stainless steel gas grill.

But what if you actually want to make the most of both options and can’t decide which one to choose? No problem at all: simply opt for a hybrid BBQ! Our Gas2Coal hybrid barbecues can be converted from a gas grill into a charcoal grill in less than 60 seconds, without needing any tools whatsoever! The charcoal is then simply ignited with the gas burners, without any charcoal lighter.

Our Gas2Coal 2.0 440 4 burner is even equipped with two charcoal pans, meaning you can grill with charcoal on one side and gas on the other side at the same time with this hybrid barbecue.

How difficult is it to switch from gas to charcoal on a hybrid BBQ?

Converting your hybrid grill from gas to charcoal is as easy as can be! Both of our Gas2Coal hybrid BBQs can be converted from a gas grill to a charcoal grill in less than 60 seconds without requiring any tools whatsoever.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Remove the grate from the grill surface.
  • Take the charcoal pan off the shelf and place it in the barbecue.
  • Distribute the charcoal evenly in the charcoal pan.
  • You can now put the grate back onto the grill surface.

And voilà, your charcoal grill is ready to use!

You can easily use the gas burners to ignite the charcoal without needing any lighting aids or additional fuels whatsoever. The gas version of our All-Star 120 and 125 can also be easily converted into a charcoal grill within just 30 seconds, simply by inserting the All-Star charcoal tray. It therefore allows you to conveniently switch between barbecuing with gas and charcoal.

What hybrid barbecues does the Char-Broil range offer?

Two of the hybrid BBQs in the Char-Broil range are the Gas2Coal 2.0 330 and the Gas2Coal 2.0 440. The gas version of the All-Star 120 and 125 universal grill can also be converted into a charcoal grill in a matter of seconds with the help of the All-Star charcoal tray . The Gas2Coal 2.0 330 contains a total of three stainless steel burners (10 kWh) and one charcoal pan. In contrast, the Gas2Coal 2.0 440 has one additional stainless steel burner (15.2 kWh) and is supplied with two charcoal pans, thus enabling you to grill with both charcoal and gas – even at the same time. It additionally features two large doors to provide a storage area for the gas bottle.

Our two Gas2Coal hybrid BBQs also boast the following properties:

  • Electronic ignition module: simply press the button to produce a spark that ignites the burner. Matches are not required
  • Lid-mounted thermometer for keeping track of the preheat status and monitoring the grate temperature of your grill
  • Sideburner: warms up sauces and side dishes to serve with your grilled food. You can also close the lid to gain an additional work surface
  • Side shelf: a handy place for your barbecue tools and cooking accessories or as an extra work surface while grilling.
  • Our warranty: 5 years on the stainless steel burners and 2 years on all other parts

Why should I choose a Hybrid BBQ from Char-Broil?

Our main advantage is our experience. Char-Broil launched its first cast iron grill back in 1948 – and started a revolution. Nowadays, Char-Broil grills are designed and developed by a core team in the USA with global support and boasting a total of more than 425 years of industry experience. Our Engineering department provides expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials engineering, gas combustion and plastic and die casting design.

When developing our grill products, our engineers use state-of-the-art software to spark a passion for barbecuing among people all over the world with our optimal heat transfer and ergonomic designs. On top of all this, we also guarantee top quality standards.

What accessories do I need?

If you are the proud owner of a hybrid barbecue, we recommend that you purchase corresponding grilling accessories such as a matching grill cover to optimally protect it in all kinds of weather. The Premium 3 burner grill cover is perfect for the Gas2Coal 2.0 330.

The Premium 4 burner grill cover fits the Gas2Coal 2.0 440 and other 4 burner grills. The 3 burner grill cover can also be used to cover the Gas2Coal 2.0 330. For our All-Star universal grill, we offer a tailor-made grill cover (the All-Star cover).

To complete the transformation of your All-Star gas grill into a hybrid BBQ, you will need the All-Star charcoal tray. Simply add this tray to your All-Star gas grill to enjoy all the benefits of a charcoal grill. Unlike the charcoal trays of the Gas2Coal series, the All-Star charcoal tray is available separately.