Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken always tastes great, but a perfectly golden, juicy grilled chicken is an art in itself. Here are a few tricks to make your grilled chicken perfect.


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Grill with the skin on

Today it’s not always easy to get a chicken with skin and bones. But this is the ideal way to grill one. If you can only get a chicken without skin, you can marinade it overnight in a salt brine (link) to tenderise the meat. But, as we already said, a chicken with skin is better.

Adjust your gill

Set the grill for two temperature zones (link) so that you can cook your chicken by indirect heat.

Bring the meat to room temperature

The chicken should be at room temperature before you begin. 15 minutes at room temperature is sufficient as a rule. You should never leave meat out for longer than an hour as poultry is susceptible to bacteria.

Grill at a low temperature

Heat the grill to medium and first place the chicken, skin side up, on the side with indirect heat. Rub the grate with oil before putting the chicken on it. Close the lid and leave to cook for 20-25 minutes.

Wait until 10 to

Glaze or brush the chicken with sauce no sooner than ten minutes before the end of the cooking time. The meat should have a core temperature of approx. 75 °C. Sauces burn very quickly, which is why you should only add them at the end.


Turn over the chicken as soon as the fat begins to drip from the skin and place it on the grate, skin side down. If it sticks to the grate when lifting up, it is not quite done. The skin should easily separate from the grate when the chicken is cooked, particularly if you have oiled the grate beforehand.


Perfectly grilled chicken should always be tender on the inside and golden-brown and crisp on the outside. Serve with your favourite sauce or with a side dish.


Don’t forget that smaller chicken pieces cook quicker than chicken breasts.
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