Grilling salmon fillets

Grilling salmon fillets

Salmon is fantastic for grilling.

It contains all the good things that my doctor likes to prescribe as dietary supplements, and the taste of simply grilled salmon is just unbeatable. How do I grill salmon? Like all fish, a fillet or a steak with skin and strong bones is the most suitable so that the fish does not fall apart.


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Then simply follow our instructions:

  • Make sure the grate is clean and preheated to approx. 315°C.
  • Pat the fish dry and place it on the grate, meat side down.
  • At first simply let it lie on the grill. Once the proteins start to “brown” and form grill marks, the whole salmon can be easily lifted.
  • You can also spray the fish with a little cooking oil, but really only just a little.
You can see when the salmon is cooked by looking at the corners where the salmon meets the hot grate. Check the spots lying directly on the grate for when they begin to brown. I carefully lift up the salmon either with the fingers or the tip of the grill tongs to check whether it can be lifted up. If that is too difficult for you, you can simply use a grill spatula coated with cooking oil as this lies flat on the grate. Push the grill spatula under the fish in a fast, fluid motion. This keeps the grill marks intact making the salmon even more appetising when served on the plate later. Turn over the salmon once and then grill it on the skin side. Spray the skin with a little cooking oil before turning the fish. You can now glaze the salmon fillet with a little butter or garlic, or if you prefer it a little sweeter, you can add a touch of teriyaki sauce or brown sugar and butter. The heat of the grill transforms this glaze into a delicious aromatic layer on the grilled salmon. Once the salmon fillet has reached a core temperature of 65°C, push the grill spatula between the fish and skin to lift it up. I like to cook individual portions of fish. This means you don’t have to use the grill spatula several times to turn over or lift a large piece... Always a bit of a risky endeavour! But it’s not the end of the world even if a small piece does stick to the grate. It is simply a part of the learning process on the way to grilling delicious salmon the right way.
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