Remove rust using conventional household products

Remove rust using conventional household products

Rust on a grill is not especially appetising and also not optimal. Luckily it’s not difficult to clean a rusty grill grate. The easiest solution is to use ecologically compatible household products, which you perhaps already have in stock in your kitchen. And prevention is always the best method. Try out our tips on removing rust using household products and follow the recommendations to avoid the formation of rust.


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Vinegar and Baking Powder:

Baking powder can work wonders with rust. It makes an effective paste mixed with vinegar. Rub the paste onto the rust spots and leave to work for at least 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Lemon Juice:

You can make another paste using lemon juice and washing powder to remove the rust from your cast iron grill. It needs a little more time than the paste that uses vinegar and baking powder, as it has to soak overnight. But in return, you’re guaranteed a rust-free awakening the next morning.

Safe Rust Removers:

If the rust is still there after carrying out the first two tips, you probably need to fall back on a conventional rust remover. But don’t use an all-purpose rust remover. It may leave behind a chemical residue, which could be poisonous for the food. Only use a product that is suited for the purpose of removing rust from the grilling area.

Soap and Water:

Mix a little washing-up liquid and warm water in a bucket. Clean the grill with a soft cloth. Use a nylon brush to scrub off any tough rust spots on the grill grate. Avoid scouring or grinding products.
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