Smoking on the gas grill

Smoking on the gas grill

Smoking food is child’s play with the Char-Broil® Premium TRU-Infrared™ Grill. First set your grill to two temperature zones. Leave one side completely off, and preheat the other to medium temperature.


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Once the grill has reached the right temperature, you can place the smoking wood into the grill. You can easily make your own smoker packs from extra-strong aluminium foil. Simply put three handfuls of your choice of wood chips into the middle on the foil and fold over the ends so that the package is sealed tight. Now poke a few holes in the foil with a fork to allow the smoke to escape. Naturally ready-to-use smoker packs or a smoke box for wood chips are easier. When choosing a smoking wood, select an aroma that complements your food. Light woods such as alder, fruit woods and pecan nut provide a mild-smoky sweetness and complement light foods such as fish and chicken. Oak or hickory are examples of medium woods. They add an intensive aroma when smoking on the grill and are best suited to strong cuts such as pork shoulder or ribs. Mesquite is the most intense smoking wood. It is too dominant for the majority of foods but perfectly complements brisket of beef.

A few tips for when you are smoking meat on the grill:

Try out a range of different types of wood to find out which aroma you like the most.
You should replace the smoking wood every 60 minutes when cooking larger pieces of meat
You can also combine two different types of smoking wood to create your own aroma – e.g. hickory and apple.
Vegetables are also wonderful smoked on the grill. The more moisture a vegetables contains – e.g. tomatoes and onions – the more smoke it absorbs. Place the vegetables in a tray to preserve the liquid.
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