What is a hybrid grill?

What is a hybrid grill?


Are you torn between getting a gas grill and a coal grill? Would you like to combine the advantages of each into one? Our hybrid grills serve up the perfect solution!


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We present: the Gas2Coal-line

Within 60 seconds, these gas grills can be converted to charcoal grills with ease – no additional tools required! Wondering how it works?

First remove the cast iron grates and insert the patented charcoal tray into the grill. The charcoal tray ensures that heat is evenly distributed without flaring up.
Now distribute the coal evenly and put the cooking grate back in place. Be careful not to put too much coal in the tray. There should still be space between the grate and coals; the bottom of the charcoal tray should just be covered.
You can ignite the charcoal with the gas burners; a grill lighter is not needed. Turn on the burners and wait 10-15 minutes with the lid closed. Next, open the lid and turn off the gas burners. After five minutes, the coal should turn white and your grill session can get rolling!
Another hybrid grill we offer is the All-Star gas grill. The principle is the same as with our Gas2Coal line; the charcoal tray is available separately as an accessory. The advantage is that unlike the Gas2Coal, the All-Star also has our patented TRU-Infrared cooking technology. Furthermore, the All-Star is very mobile and doesn’t take up much space thanks to its foldable side shelves. Finally, the grill can be detached from the substructure – making it easy to bring the All-Star along to friends or on a hiking trip. Curious to find out more? Then take a look at our 3 burner / 4 burner Gas2Coal or the All-Star 120 gas grill. More information and exciting videos about the products await you there. You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for!
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