Lucki Maurer's organic Wagyu breed

Lucki Maurer's organic Wagyu breed

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“We really do everything here from start to finish and we don’t have to rely on cattle transport companies, for example, or slaughterhouses. We do everything ourselves.” - Lucki Maurer

On the second leg of our Epic Meat Tour, we visited an unusual farm of a type that does not exist anywhere else in Germany. In the middle of the Bavarian forest, Lucki Maurer, farmer and top chef, has created his own domain. Here around 90 animals spend the whole year grazing outdoors on green pasture covering 40 hectares. Not only has Maurer set up the first organic Wagyu farm in Germany, but he also has a show kitchen and a pop-up restaurant directly on site. All the meat is therefore processed directly and either cooked in-house or sold.

Lucki Maurer has an interesting background. Ever since he was a boy, he wanted to take over his grandparents’ farm. He has fulfilled his dream and his cattle have a particular importance in his life. From his house, he can see the cattle grazing in his fields every day, he knows every animal very well and aims to give it the best possible living conditions. Maurer rears not only pure Wagyus but also crosses with Black Angus on his farm. Thanks to farming methods that are very close to nature and pasture grazing, Lucki Maurer not only has happy animals, but also ends up with high-quality meat.

The way the top chef rears his cattle is not without contradictions. On the one hand, the animals have plenty of exercise because they are always outdoors, on the other, they need to put on fat for good marbling. It’s difficult to achieve both, so Maurer has created his very own label. The meat of his Waygu cattle does not always have a lot of marbling, but it is extremely tender because of the age of the animals – 5-6 years old – and the way they are kept.


We were with Lucki Maurer as he prepared his favourite cut, skirt steak, on our hybrid Gas2Coal grill. The distinctive feature of this barbecue is that you don’t have to choose between gas and charcoal. Depending on your mood, you can grill over gas or charcoal, which is heated by gas. We opted for charcoal to cook the skirt steaks. We had deliciously juicy steaks cooked the Lucki Maurer way, to a core temperature of 54°C, and a Roma salad also from the barbecue.

Hot Tip: Top tip: “Skirt steak has a symbolic significance for me, just like a filet. While the filet is the epitome of the finest cuts, the skirt symbolises the nose-to-tail philosophy (...)” - Lucki Maurer

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