Safe grilling

Safe grilling

Like for all open flames, when you grill: safety is always paramount. Here are the most important tips on grill safety.

Leave the grill outside

Grills always have to be outside. Never grill in the garage, a tent, caravan, house or any other closed space as a toxic carbon monoxide gases can form there.

Never leave the grill unattended

Never leave your grill unattended and do not move it when it is being used and is hot, particularly if there are animals or children nearby. Make sure that they stay at least one metre away from the grill.

Always ensure good ventilation

Position your grill in an open space, a minimum of one metre away from buildings, roofing, dry leaves or undergrowth as well as three metres away from any flammable objects. Also maintain a sufficient safety distance to the house.

Make sure the ground is stable

First check that everything is stable and that the grill cannot tip over. Make sure that the gas bottle is stowed safely before moving the grill.

Clean the grill regularly

Food residue, fat and other residues as well as soiling on the grate and the burners can result in the grill flaring up. Also make sure to clean the gas connectors for the burner if you see they are blocked and remedy any possible blockages in the burner tube.

Check the gas connection

Regularly check the grill for any possible gas leaks, especially when you change the gas bottle. If there is only a little gas left in the bottle, under some circumstances it may be that not enough gas gets through, so change your gas at the right time.

Grill aids make grilling easier

Grilling accessories such as forks, tongs, spatulas and similar tools prevent burns and fat splatters when you grill.

Read the instruction manual

Follow the specific instructions on assembling, using and safe operation of your grill. We would be pleased to assist if you have any questions.

Less fat = more safety when grilling

Fat can cause the grill to flare up. That’s why you should trim the meat of surplus fat before putting it on the grill. The majority of fires when grilling are caused by fat. Also clean out the fat drip tray.


Place your grill on a fire-resistant sheet made of light fibre cement or plastic to protect your terrace or veranda from fat splatters and stains.
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