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Cooking fatty foods or pouring marinades on a lit grill can lead to a grill fire

When grilling any type of meat all excess fat should be trimmed off. If the fat is not trimmed it will begin to melt during the grilling process and drip onto the flame tamers and burners. If this grease comes in direct contact with an open flame it will cause a flare up. Continuous grease contact with the flame can cause a grease fire. Grease fires allow your grill to reach temperatures well above the rated level and can cause serious damage to your grill. Foods with high fat content also create a lot of smoke when grilling, especially on infrared grills. Pouring marinades over an open flame can also cause flare ups and grease fires. It is best to marinade your food prior to grilling. If you plan on reapplying while grilling use a basting brush. Never pour marinade on the food while it is on the grill.

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