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Electric grills from Char-Broil

What are the advantages of electric BBQs?

Some keen barbecuers may have a rather sceptical view when it comes to grilling with an electric grill due to the lack of typical fire, embers and smoke. Nevertheless, the very fact that electric BBQs work without open flames or smoke is what makes electric grills stand out from other options such as charcoal grills or gas BBQs. Electric BBQ grills are therefore an ideal alternative that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Just plug them in and you’re good to go! The grill surface of the electric grill is heated by heating elements and heating coils. This means that electric BBQs can be used wherever a plug socket is close by. The grill is therefore ready to use at virtually all times, plus you don’t have to worry about finding charcoal or firelighters. As a result, electric BBQ grills are particularly easy to operate. What’s more, grilling with electric BBQs is quicker than with charcoal grills because there’s no need to prepare any charcoal beforehand.

Another advantage is that electric grills produce less smoke and can therefore even be used in enclosed spaces where gas and charcoal grills are prohibited. If the weather is bad, but you feel like a barbecue, simply use your electric grill as a table grill and enjoy a little barbecuing session with no problems whatsoever. In addition, electric BBQs offer you the option of regulating the grilling temperature. Electric grills with a lid additionally allow indirect grilling, as well as preventing splattering of excess fat. Given that electric BBQ grills produce no ash, they are much easier to clean than charcoal grills.

Why should I choose an electric grill from Char-Broil?

We offer something you won’t find elsewhere: most of our grills use our patented TRU-Infrared™ cooking technology – an unrivalled grilling system for guaranteed success. This technology offers not one, but five advantages (grilled food up to 50% juicier, 100% even heat, easy to clean, no flare ups and up to 30% more economical to use) for your ultimate grilling enjoyment. What’s more, you can also benefit from our experience. Char-Broil launched its first cast iron grill back in 1948 – and started a revolution.

Nowadays, Char-Broil grills are designed and developed by a core team in the USA with global support and boasting a total of more than 425 years of industry experience. Our Engineering department provides expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials engineering, gas combustion and plastic and die casting design. When developing our grill products, our engineers use state-of-the-art software to spark a passion for barbecuing among people all over the world with our optimal heat transfer and ergonomic designs. On top of all this, we also guarantee top quality standards.

The All-Star Electric and Digital Smoker: Electric grills from Char-Broil

The electric version of our All-Star grill is efficient and can be used in a variety of ways. Its illuminated control knob allows you to regulate temperatures of over 300 degrees Celsius. The fact that the grill can be easily be removed from the frame allows this BBQ to be used as a portable electric grill for weekend trips or as an ideal grilling solution for the home, be it on your balcony or terrace. The All-Star Electric is suitable for 2 to 4 people and has a grill surface with a 45 cm diameter.

The All-Star Electric also stands out thanks to the following features:

  • TRU-Infrared™ cooking technology for simpler grilling and easier cleaning
  • Rust-resistant cast iron grate
  • Infrared emitter made of durable stainless steel
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on the heating element, 3 years on the cast iron grate and the infrared emitter and 2 years on all other parts
  • Removable grill and separate frame for maximum mobility
  • Lightweight cast aluminium lid
  • Illuminated control knob for regulating the temperature
  • Hinged side shelves including a practical hook bar
  • Four wheels for good mobility, two of which are fitted with parking brakes

The Digital Smoker is ideal for fans of gently smoked ribs, pulled pork and perfect brisket. This compact and digital high-tech smoker is the ideal device to accompany your grill. The Digital Smoker doesn’t take up much space but can nevertheless cook or smoke even large amounts of meat or fish at the same time on up to four stainless steel grates. Its patented smoking chamber guarantees even, safe and long-lasting smoking of your grilled delicacies for up to eight hours. The result: an unforgettable barbecue evening with the juiciest, most tender, smokiest and most flavoursome grilled food ever!

The Digital Smoker from Char-Broil additionally offers the following features:

  • Intuitive control panel with an LED display
  • Four adjustable cooking grates made of rustproof stainless steel
  • Removable grease tray for quicker and easier cleaning
  • Real wood flavour by using wood chips or pellets in the front smoker box (available separately)
  • Intelligent smoking by monitoring the overall and core temperatures
  • Large stainless steel locking latch with a smoke-tight seal

In addition to our electric grills, Char-Broil also offers a variety of stationary and portable BBQs for all kinds of barbecue lovers.

What accesories do I need for my electric grill?

We recommend that you purchase BBQ accessories such as a grill cover for your electric BBQ so that it is always optimally protected against all kinds of weather. We offer special custom-designed grill covers for the All-Star Electric and the Digital Smoker.

Our product range additionally contains the following items especially for the All-Star: The All-Star shelf for extra space, the All-Star rotisserie for big barbecuing results in limited space and the All-Star cooling basket made of polyester.

The stand for the Digital Smoker raises it 40 cm from the ground, thus making it easier to access and giving you an extra storage shelf. Another absolute must for smoker fans are our wood chips, available in the flavours hickory, apple and mesquite. These aromatic chips help to give your grilled delicacies an exquisite finishing touch.