Cleaning the electric grill – super-shiny results all round

Cleaning the electric grill – super-shiny results all round

Cleaning the electric grill – super-shiny results all round

The smell of the grill is still in the air, friends are saying goodbye, the crockery has been cleared from the table. Now it’s time for the CLEAN UP. If you have an electric grill, you’ll be delighted because there are no embers and ashes to dispose of. Nevertheless, it is important to clean the heat-retaining and stainless steel grates and emitter plates. Here, we explain what you need to bear in mind when cleaning your electric grill.

Cleaning the electric grill: Advantages for cleaning

Electric grills offer many advantages with juicy or crispy food, precise grilling temperatures and less smoke and odours than coal grills. Another important aspect is cleaning. Fortunately, electric grills score top marks across the board here too.

Advantages of cleaning the electric grill

  • No embers, no ashes, no fire: Just like the gas grill, not using charcoal saves so much effort. You don’t have to dispose of ashes the next day or extinguish embers.
  • Self-cleaning function: Some electric grills – such as our SMART-E and EVOLVE Electric– offer a practical self-cleaning function. This burns out grill residue at a high temperature and can then be easily brushed off. After the AUTO-CLEAN programme has completed its run, the grill switches itself off.
  • Time saving: The reduced effort automatically saves you time.

Use the SMART-E or EVOLVE Electric for easy cleaning

Our modern electric grills SMART-E and EVOLVE Electric offer you a clever AUTO-CLEAN function for automatic self-cleaning. Observe the following instructions to clean your SMART-E or EVOLVE Electric:


  • AUTO CLEAN: With the SMART-E and EVOLVE Electric, cleaning is possible at the touch of a button. Pyrolysis simply burns off grill residues at high temperatures. The grill then switches off automatically. You should then brush the grill grates by hand (see below).
  • Stainless steel grates: Stainless steel grill grates have the advantage that they are easy to brush off. Special grill brushes – such as our COOL-CLEAN PREMIUM GRILL BRUSH, the COOL-CLEAN GRILL BRUSH or the Cool-Clean 360° Grill Brush – are all suitable for this. 
  • What’s more, stainless steel grates retain their elegant look for a long time, especially if you look after them properly.
  • And here’s a little tip: Stainless steel has a habit of discolouring slightly at high temperatures due to heat oxidation. The term “tempering colour” is also used here. This is normal for high-quality stainless steel and cannot be prevented.
  • Install grates and emitter plate: Despite AUTO CLEAN, it is necessary to remove the grates and emitter plate regularly and clean them by hand. This way, you can catch the last of the leftovers. When installing, make sure that the grate struts are positioned directly above the raised sections of the serrated emitter plate in order to utilise the optimum grilling surface and even heat distribution thanks to TRUInfrared™ Technology. (Please note: The All-Star electric grill is different.)

Tips for cleaning the electric grill

With these tips and tricks, your electric grill will look as good as new, even if you grill regularly:


  • Pull the plug: This also applies after using the self-cleaning function. Although this switches the grill off automatically, the grill should not remain connected to the mains when you are cleaning grill areas with water.
  • Leave to cool: Wait until all grill components have cooled down before cleaning.
  • Do not use metal sponges, steel wool or wire brushes: Cleaning utensils that can scratch can damage the surfaces of the grates, emitter plate and grill.
  • Only re-install grill parts when dry: If you wipe grill grates with sponges, make sure that you dry them thoroughly before installing them.
  • Do not immerse heating elements in the dishwasher or in water: Some electric grills have open heating elements. Never immerse open heating elements in the dishwasher or under water.

Pro tip: Cooking oil on grill rack

Coat your grill grate with cooking oil before use. This prevents stubborn crusts and deposits from forming, and saves you work when cleaning.

These cleaning agents are suitable

Mild washing-up liquid, grease cleaner or special grill cleaner are suitable for cleaning.

Use the self-cleaning function

Some electric grills offer integrated self-cleaning. This burns off residues by way of pyrolysis at a high temperature. As a result, residues are loosened automatically or can be removed more easily. However, it is important to brush off the burnt-out residue by hand afterwards. If the grill does not have a self-cleaning function, you can also turn it up to maximum temperature for 15 minutes at the end of the grilling process.

Cleaning the drip tray

If the grill has a drip tray, take it out and remove any residue with a plastic grill scraper, a soft sponge and warm water with mild washing-up liquid.

Do not forget to give the housing a quick clean

Remember to clean the housing and external parts with mild detergent and non-scratching sponges or soft cloths. If you keep the grill outside, use a weather protection cover. If superficial instances of rust occur over time, use a high-quality rust remover.

Electric grill: Fast grilling, easy cleaning

Electric grills are little grilling miracles. They reduce your grilling effort and, at the same time, ensure precisely grilled food. The same level of efficiency is evident when you want to clean the electric grill. Simply not using charcoal saves you time and effort. Important fundamental rules for cleaning include the following


  • Only use non-scratching sponges and mild cleaning agents
  • Use weather protection hoods for outdoors
  • Pull the plug before cleaning
  • Clean after each use

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about “Cleaning the electric grill”

What is the quickest way to clean my stainless steel grill rack?

Cleaning is particularly easy with the self-cleaning function. If there is no Auto-Clean function, coat your grill grate with cooking oil before use or set your grill to maximum temperature for 15 minutes at the end of the grilling process.

Which household remedies are suitable for cleaning the electric grill?

Popular household remedies include:

  •  Cover incrusted residues with damp newspaper or rub with crumpled aluminium foil to soak stubborn incrustations
  •  Rub the grate with oil or grease before grilling
  • Put two sachets of baking powder in a container of water and leave to soak in the grill rack or drip tray
  • Mix about 200 millilitres of fat-dissolving apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of sugar and pour into a spray bottle

Which parts of the grill can go in the dishwasher?

Although some manufacturers allow grill components to be cleaned in the dishwasher, we do not recommend this. Parts of the surface area may become lost or damaged. Other parts – such as the heating elements – must never be put in the dishwasher.

How often should the grill be cleaned?

Cleaning is recommended after every grill session.

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