Grilling with a griddle – a taste sensation like no other!

Grilling with a griddle – a taste sensation like no other!

Grilling with a griddle – a taste sensation like no other!

The summer is long, and a grill session is a must almost every weekend. The next time you host an event, you can add some variety to the summer months with your grill. Instead of going for the traditional grilled sausage, you can serve unusual side dishes, fish and even a dessert or delicious breakfast from the grill. And how does it all work? Grill with a Plancha, and swap the grate for the versatile griddle. We’ll show you how to rustle up a Mediterranean grill evening and ensure maximum success!

Grilling with a griddle – but it has to be right! 

If you want to get started with the Plancha, you should find out ahead of time about all the functions and special features that come with your griddle. After all, thanks to the griddle, the food should taste better and not lose any of its quality. 

The origins of the griddle

Originally, griddles or “Plancha” come from Spain, hence the exotic-sounding name. In the course of the 19th century, the practical grill accessory made its way to Europe via France, and is now seen as an indispensable part of any sophisticated grill party. 

Depending on which grill you have at home, you should also choose your griddle accordingly. Char-Broil offers a wide range of grills, e.g. the Performance PRO, which already boasts an integrated griddle. For our other grills, we offer griddles in various sizes and materials that you can use either on top (or instead) of the grate. 

Be it a cast-iron or stainless steel Plancha: When grilling with a griddle, this should already be placed in the grill when heating up. It gets nice and hot, thereby allowing you can prepare vegetables, fish or meat to perfection. 

3 practical tips for grilling with a griddle


  1. Slice the food thinly: Griddles get extremely hot, and transfer the heat to the food. This makes everything nice and crispy, but sometimes, it doesn’t reach the right internal cooking point. We, therefore, recommend cutting fish and meat a little thinner than usual when grilling on a grate. 
  2. Select the correct size: Not every Plancha will fit in every grill. When buying a griddle, find out beforehand which shape and size suits your Char-Broil grill. 
  3. Grill safely: Liquids – such as fat – are prevented from escaping onto the burner of your gas grill when grilling using a griddle. This results in less smoke and when grilling with charcoal, you can prevent flame jets from shooting out thanks to the griddle. And, on a side note: with our TRU-Infrared gas grills, fat and juices drip onto an emitter plate instead of directly onto the burners – even without a griddle. All grills with Char-Broil’s patented heat technology thus prevent uncontrolled flare-ups, reduce smoke formation and protect the interior from soiling. 

The perfect grilled dishes for the Plancha 

Traditionally, a lot of fish is prepared on the Plancha in true Mediterranean style: Salmon, scampi and other seafood are seared while still remaining succulent. In addition to this, small food items do not fall through the grill. Do you prefer a traditional look? Meat and sausage also make a delicious main course on your griddle. To respond as flexibly as possible to the wishes of family and friends, we recommend a reversible griddle: One side is smooth and the other has grooves. You can give meat and fish the rustic lattice look and try out new dishes with the smooth side. 

Plancha with smooth surface for fried eggs and pancakes

Gas grills are quick to heat up and, therefore, perfect for starting the day with a delicious brunch. You can fulfil new culinary dreams here by grilling on the griddle: From now on, fried eggs, bacon and pancakes can be prepared quickly and easily on the smooth side of your Plancha. Whose mouth is already watering at the thought?  

Ribbed surface for meat, fish and co.

The ribbed side of your Plancha is ideal for grilling meat and fish. But grilled vegetables and roast potatoes are also particularly good here. Certain types of fruit also go wonderfully with hearty dishes and harmonise perfectly. Instead of using watermelon in a salad, why not simply grill it with your griddle. It works perfectly with pineapple, peppers or pak choi. Vegetarian side dishes from the grill are so tasty and versatile that they are sure to be something for everyone!

Let the grill party begin


The griddle fits, the grill is preheated and the guests have received their invites. And so now, nothing stands in the way of a cosy evening with friends. When grilling with a griddle, you’ll be sure to conjure up delicious Mediterranean dishes for your guests and ensure an unforgettable culinary evening. Savour the advantages of your Plancha and grill less dense food items without any issue.  

Don’t forget to take good care when grilling with a Plancha 

Grill today, grill tomorrow – your griddle should be ready for use again. Regular care and cleaning is important to keep it in good condition. Do not use stainless steel brushes as you will damage the coating. Instead, you can let the griddle burn off from your grill and then wipe it down with a cloth. Each time after cleaning, you should also rub your griddle with a little cooking oil. 

Frequently asked questions about grilling with a griddle

What can I grill with a griddle? 

Everything that ends up on the normal grill can also be prepared on the griddle. Griddles are particularly practical for small grilled food and liquids, such as scrambled eggs.

Which is better: Grill grate or griddle? 

Both variants offer numerous advantages and, in the end, it depends on the preferences of the grill master. While griddles are somewhat easier to clean, there is less risk of food sticking or getting too hot too quickly on the grill.  

Which oil should be used for the griddle? 

On griddles, you can use any cooking oil that is also suitable for frying. Rapeseed oil and coconut oil are the most common oils in use, while you can add extra flavour to your dishes with soybean or peanut oil. 

How do I install the griddle in my Char-Broil grill?

Bei Grills aus der Professional Power Edition baust du die Emitterplatte und die Grillroste aus und dafür die Plancha ein. Unsere Universalgrillplatte dagegen wird einfach auf die Roste gelegt. Sie passt auf jeden unserer Grills und bei ihr entfällt auch der Ausbau der Emitterplatte und der Roste. Nach dem Einbau kann die Plancha mit dem Grill vorgeheizt werden.

Which griddle fits on my Char-Broil grill?

Du kannst Du eine Grillplatte vielseitig einsetzen: egal ob Meeresfrüchte, Gemüse, Süßspeisen oder doch lieber Steak - mit der Gussgrillplatte stehen Dir alle Möglichkeiten offen! Die Grillplatte hat eine glatte und eine geriffelte Seite, damit Du nicht auf Deine Grillstreifen verzichten musst! Welche Grillplatte für Deinen Grill passend ist, findest Du hier:

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Convective Line
PRO S 2      
PRO S 3      
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2.0 330      

Herkunft der Grillplatte

Ursprünglich stammen Grillplatten aus Spanien – daher auch der Name Plancha. Im Laufe des 19. Jahrhunderts bahnte sich das praktische Grill-Accessoire den Weg über Frankreich nach Europa und ist heute von keiner Profi-Grillparty mehr wegzudenken. 

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