Pinzgau cattle - the rare Alpine breed

Pinzgau cattle - the rare Alpine breed

“The flavour of the meat does not necessarily depend on the breed of the animal: the feed must be right, the conditions in which they are reared must be right, and if everything comes together and the animals feel at ease, it will all result in a very special, delicious product.” – meat sommelier Dirk Freyberger


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Pinzgau cattle - the Alpine breed

On the first stage of our Epic Meat Tour, we visited a very special team of farmers and butchers in provincial Franconia. Master butcher and meat sommelier Dirk Freyberger took us to meet his most trusted farmer, Martin Zeberl. He rears Pinzgau cattle in an orchard.
The Pinzgau breed of cattle is threatened with extinction and for many farmers, rearing these animals would not be profitable enough. But Martin Zeberl has taken to the breed and aims to offer it a good home. The stall and pasture were therefore constructed together. As a result, the cattle not only have plenty of space to move around, but they also get home-grown food and in summer and autumn they can actually eat the fresh fruit directly from the tree. This natural, sustainable way of rearing the breed is reflected in the quality of the meat, according to Martin Zeberl and Dirk Freyberger.
Through close collaboration between the butcher and the farmer, the butcher can have a direct influence on the product quality and give his customers a promise of high-quality meat.


Pinzgau cattle are a medium-sized breed and tend to produce beef with a delicate marbling of intramuscular fat. Dirk Freyberger emphasised the beautifully delicate structure of the meat and presents two cuts of beef in more detail in the video, the tomahawk steak and the picanha (rump cap steak). These are cooked perfectly on the Professional PRO S 3. The cuts are grilled in reverse and finally seared at 700°C on the sear burner for a perfect crust. This makes the steaks particularly juicy and retains their intense flavour. Our tip: If you are interested in other cuts, you will find all the information you need about beef cuts on our site.
Is your mouth watering just from looking at these steaks? This recipe makes it easy to grill your own tomahawk steak at home: The Butterscotch
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