Even more barbecue pleasure thanks to precise heat in two zones and app control

 available as electric & gas version

Smart electric grill with 2 heating coils, 
stainless steel grate system, 
and internal shelf

Smart gas grill with 4 stainless 
steel burners, cast iron grates, 
and gas bottle holder

E-POWER for a new electric BBQ experiences

The EVOLVE Electric guarantees maximum heat – without the use of coal or gas. So no need to lug a gas bottle around and no ashes to dispose of either. 

Just an authentic BBQ experience at the touch of a button.

Barbecue juicier than ever

The core element of the patented TRU-Infrared™ Technology is the unique emitter plate. It distributes the heat evenly across the entire grate, ensuring that your barbecued food is up to 50% juicier. 
The efficient technology also reduces energy consumption, and its special construction makes the emitter plate, grate and firebox really easy to clean.

Relaxing cooking on point

Keep control of the barbecue and the table: regulate the heat, core temperature and timer via your smartphone and you can take care of your guests and the food at the same time! 
Interactive recipes also offer step-by-step guides and suggestions for the right grill settings for the best results as you shine as a master of the barbecue.

Full control with SMART PRECISION

With the rotary controller, the temperature of the EVOLVE can be set precisely between 90 °C and 370 °C. Very easy to control via the digital display.  

Your barbecue results will always be perfect.

Barbecue Control by App:  

Recipes, Remote Control, Timer & Temperature Guide

The Char-Broil® App Control provides an intuitive, precise and convenient grilling experience.

It combines modern technology with traditional barbecuing techniques and offers new possibilities for both beginners and experienced barbecue masters.

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Electric Grill or Gas Grill: 

Choose your favorite

Smart electric grill with 2 heating coils, stainless steel grate system and internal shell

Smart gas grill with 4 stainless, steel burners, cast iron grates and gas bottle holder

With our accessories, you can customise your EVOLVE to suit your needs: