Barbecue juicier than ever

The core element of the patented TRU-Infrared™ Technology is the unique emitter plate. It distributes the heat evenly across the entire grate, ensuring that your barbecued food is up to 50% juicier. The efficient technology also reduces energy consumption, and its special construction makes the emitter plate, grate and firebox really easy to clean.

E-POWER for a new electric BBQ experience

The SMART-E guarantees maximum heat – without the use of coal or gas. So no need to lug a gas bottle around and no ashes to dispose of either.

Just an authentic BBQ experience at the touch of a button.

Full control with SMART PRECISION

Use the dial to adjust the SMART-E temperature between 90 °C and 370 °C more precise than ever before. Easy to control via the digital display.

For the perfect BBQ experience every time.


With our accessories, you can customise your SMART-E to suit your needs: