Christmas grill session – Recipes & tips for festive fun all round!

Christmas grill session – Recipes & tips for festive fun all round!

Christmas grill session – Recipes & tips for festive fun all round!

The first snowflakes are falling and the festive mood is spreading? Then fire up the grill! Excuse me, are you sure? Exactly: Christmas and grill sessions go together better than many people think. Our tips and tricks for a delicious, successful Christmas grill session show you how it’s done – including festive recipe suggestions!

Christmas and grill sessions – an unbeatable combination

Can’t get enough of barbecuing all year round? Then we have an insider tip: Christmas grill session! Why should you only enjoy delicious roasted flavours, tasty grilled food and original grill recipes in summer? After all, we associate Christmas with a festive atmosphere, a sense of community and the anticipation of truly special meals. All this also applies to cooking on the grill.


What you need to bear in mind when preparing your Christmas grill session are the differences in temperature and weather compared to summer. So what matters is a well-organised grill area, the right grill, safe weather protection and grill recipes that match the Christmas atmosphere. We explain what you need to look out for!

Christmas dinner from the grill: Our tips for the right preparation!

Effective planning is half the battle. Take a systematic approach to organising your Christmas grill event. The following tips and tricks will help you:

Choose the right grill for Christmas

Be it charcoal, electric grill or gas grill – when properly equipped, any grill is suitable for a Christmas event. However, please note the following differences:

Gas grill Electric grill Charcoal
Heats up quickly, even in cold temperatures Ensures rapid preheating Requires longer preheating in cold or windy weather
Provides precise, weather-independent temperature regulation (including on patios or balconies) Enables precise temperature regulation and reliable grilling performance, even in cold and windy conditions May require more supplies of grill materials and very dry storage
Reliable grilling performance, especially when using gas with a high propane content Also offers safe barbecuing on balconies and terraces, or even indoors with a tabletop grill Unsuitable for grills on balconies, terraces or in strong winds

Create a shopping list

Weihnachten ist Shoppingzeit – kaufe also rechtzeitig genug Grillgut und Getränke ein! Am besten gehst Du systematisch vor, indem Du eine Einkaufsliste mit Zutatenkategorien für Vorspeisen, Hauptspeisen, Nachspeisen und Getränke erstellst. Denk auch an wichtige Utensilien wie Besteck, Teller und Servietten.

Prepare the grill area

Plan the grill area, taking into account external influences such as wind, rain and snow. To ensure that you are prepared for bad weather, the cold or even a different grilling position. An alternative: The Christmas party takes place indoors, while you prepare the grill on the balcony or terrace.

Use creative decoration

Create a contemplative, cosy atmosphere with atmospheric Christmas lighting and decorations.

Wear warm clothing

Warm clothing is particularly important when you are outside at the grill. It should not hinder you when grilling, it should not be easily flammable and should not be too loose. Only heat-resistant grilling gloves should be used as grill gloves.

Have blankets and heat sources at the ready

If the party is taking place outside, have blankets or heat sources – such as fire pits, standing heaters or fire baskets ready to be on the safe side.

Christmas starters – freshly grilled

Just as small gifts increase the sense of gift-giving anticipation, appetisers at a grill also stimulate the appetite. For Christmas and winter starters and a real Christmas atmosphere, vegetarian appetisers, savoury delicacies and fruity, creamy and melting creations are all possible.


How about a grilled pear filled with gorgonzola, for example, which provides a flavourful experience with its sweet and sour-savoury contrasts? When sticking with pears, a delicious lamb’s lettuce salad with caramelised pears, fried mushrooms and diced bacon is also a great choice. Do you like it a little more exotic? Then we recommend grilled scallops on vitamin-packed lamb’s lettuce – the perfect harmony of sweet and nutty Christmas flavours.


Emphasise the whole thing with matching Christmas-themed napkins or create an atmosphere with warm candlelight and lanterns.

Christmas menu from the grill: Our ideas for main courses

With the right main course from the Christmas grill, even the presents under the Christmas tree might soon be forgotten. Just like with gift ideas, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of Christmas main courses. Let our ideas inspire you:

  • Duck breast with orange sauce or roasted pears: Fine strips of juicy grilled duck breast served with an aromatic orange sauce. Instead of orange sauce, you can also marinate the duck breast with a Christmas rub made from speculoos spice, coriander, orange zest, pepper, salt and sugar and grill. Served with red cabbage and roast pears or dumplings as an option.
  • Christmas chicken: Instead of duck or goose, you can grill a Christmassy chicken. Marinate with a rub of speculoos biscuits, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and brown sugar, grill and serve with red cabbage and side dishes such as potatoes, dumplings or root vegetables.
  • Roast beef with a gingerbread crust: A juicy piece of roast beef with a sweet and crispy crust of gingerbread crumbs and a harmonising sauce of cranberry and orange, as well as a steaming potato accompaniment – Merry Christmas!
  • Vegetarian recipe ideas for the festive season: Whether it’s chicory marinated with honey, grilled or gratinated with cashew butter – or beetroot tofu pockets seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary and grilled in beetroot leaves – even without meat, Christmas grill sessions are a contemplative pleasure. And another unusual idea: Balsamic rose cabbage with garlic.

Christmas chicken recipes

New England Patriots

Legs of free-range chicken, succulently baked with an aromatic, intense marinade of Worcestershire sauce, maple syrup, ketchup and table horseradish. Served with the finest cooked potatoes, grilled tomato halves and crunchy sweetcorn.

The Charbroiler

The classic – our juicy chicken with crispy skin in an aromatic brine made from light lager, sea salt, muscovado sugar and cayenne. Served with garlic and olive oil roast cream!

The Drunken Chick

Enjoy! Our whole poussin with a marinade of honey, paprika, salt and pepper and a flavourful filling comprising white bread, milk, salt, pepper and butter!

Recipes for Christmas steaks

The Short Rib

A rib like no other – with our tender beef rib refined with Tabasco Chipotle and a topping of prune, coriander and green pepper

The Eye of the Tiger

Our hearty rib-eye steak with red braised onions and savoury melted blue cheese will delight any Christmas party!

BBQ Sirloin Steak

Flavourful, juicy, fresh – that’s our BBQ sirloin steak with a rub of salt, pepper, sea salt and olive oil under an intense chimichurri sauce made from fresh herbs.

A variety of side dishes to go with the Christmas menu

Beilagen gehören zu einem runden Grillmenü einfach dazu. Hier bieten sich passend zum Fest gegrillte Süßkartoffeln, saftige Gemüsespieße oder auch gegrilltes Wurzelgemüse wie Rote Beete, Kartoffeln und Pastinaken an!

Delicious Christmas desserts for the grill

Prepare a sweet surprise for your guests or family with delicious desserts – for example, a vanilla crème brûlée baked on the grill and caramelised plum ragout. A steaming baked apple with vanilla sauce from the Dutch oven, crispy roasted almonds from the grill or sweet chocolate bananas will also put a sparkle in your eye.

Tips for delicious Christmas drinks

Warming drinks are the perfect choice for the drinks bar during the cold Christmas season. We recommend homemade mulled wine, for example: Simply heat red wine on the grill and add classic spices such as cloves, cinnamon and lemon peel, and not to mention orange peel, cardamom or even vanilla and star anise. A non-alcoholic punch variant is also a great option here. 


Christmas cocktails – such as Christmas gin with pear juice, thyme sprigs, pear slices and cinnamon sticks are also suitable as an aperitif. Another classic: Hot chocolate with or without a shot and topped with melting marshmallows or cream.

Be sure to think about the following: Safety and weather precautions in winter

To be sure to enjoy the festive season not just in culinary terms, but also in a safe environment, follow these tips for safe grilling fun at Christmas:

  • Make sure you wear heat-resistant clothing and gloves
  • Do not grill near highly flammable materials
  • Ensure a well-ventilated and protected grilling position
  • Do not grill with wood or gas grills or large electric grills indoors or in garages
  • Check the grill for dirt and residues when you put it back into operation after a long period of time
  • Special grill pavilions made of fireproof and weatherproof materials and with an integrated smoke extractor ensure safe barbecuing fun plus effective weather protection
  • When positioning the grill, watch out for icicles on roof edges and possible roof avalanches

A contemplative grill for the right Christmas atmosphere

Mit der richtigen Vorbereitung und einem vielseitigen Weihnachtsmenü kann das Fest kommen. Plane in jedem Fall genug Zeit für Einkäufe, Aufbau und Reinigung des Grills sowie für die Vorbereitung der Speisen ein – so beugst Du dem typischen Stress vor, der zu Weihnachten aufkommen kann.


Nach dem Grillen solltest Du an die gründliche Reinigung von Grill und Grillutensilien denken. Möchtest Du den Grill für mehrere festliche Grillfeiern draußen lagern, dann bietet sich eine robuste Wetterschutzhaube an. So bleibt der Grill für das nächste Grillmenü im Winter sicher und trocken.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions on the topic of “Christmas grill sessions”

What are the tastiest recipes for a Christmas grill session?

The most popular delicacies include a succulent duck breast with aromatic orange sauce, and winter chicken or Christmas goose from the grill. The second secret main course is desserts, with a tempting range from baked apples and roasted almonds, to grilled cherries and chocolate and honey-coated bananas.

Which grill is suitable for barbecuing in winter?

Be it charcoal, gas or electric – with the right preparation, you can conjure up a delicious meal with all types of grill. Gas grills and electric grills have the edge, especially at low temperatures, as they do not take long to preheat and offer precise temperature control. They also offer clear advantages in terms of cleaning in cold temperatures.

What are the right drinks to go with a grill Christmas menu?

The absolute classics among Christmas drinks include mulled wine, hot punch and Christmas cocktails – such as spiced gin and hot chocolate. Variety is provided by traditional drinks such as honey dew beer, mead, lumumba and eggnog.

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