Our Performance PRO and CORE Line grills offer carefree grilling pleasure for both BBQ beginners and advanced leisure and hobby grillers. Both the CORE and PRO Line are available with 2, 3 or 4 burners and feature our patented TRU-Infrared™ Technology.

Find out which grill best meets your needs:



Your entry-level, mid-range, compact gas grill for a consistently successful BBQ experience.

The Performance CORE Line offers the full basic equipment at a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. Standing out with its cool all-black look, it is made of a high-quality steel construction that is easy to assemble.



Your versatile, compact, mid-range gas grill for a limitless BBQ experience.


The Performance PRO Line in high-quality stainless steel has an elegant silver look, topped off by red illuminated control knobs. In addition, the Performance PRO Line grills come with a griddle and the “Chef's Delite System”, which includes a grill topper. 


Our Performance CORE & PRO Line

For all those who want even more performance:

Performance POWER EDITION 3


The Performance POWER EDITION 3-burner grill is additionally equipped with a

ceramic sear-burner for up to 900 °C.


Extension & personalisation options through various MADE2MATCH and GEAR TRAX® accessories