Balcony BBQ

Balcony BBQ

BalconY BBQ - tips and regulations


You don’t have a garden but would still like to enjoy a cosy barbecue evening on your balcony? Give it a try and have a balcony barbecue. Are you worried about the possible lack of space? Are you unsure which type of grill is suitable? Keep on reading as we provide you with an overview of the necessary balcony grill equipment and preparations involved.

Things to bear in mind before lighting your grill.

If you are planning a larger event: Let your neighbours know one or two days in advance that you will be having a balcony BBQ - or even invite them along! In doing so, you will maintain a good relationship and avoid conflicts. Ask your landlord about any regulations regarding barbecues at the property. If any regulations exist, you can react and adapt your balcony barbecue party to them. 

What kind of grill is suitable for the balcony?

Charcoal grills are not forbidden on balconies, but gas and electric barbecues are much better options. Electric grills in particular generate less smoke and give you better control of the cooking temperature. Char-Broil offers state-of-the-art electric and gas barbecues that are ideal for great barbecue results on your balcony.

The benefits of having an electric grill for your balcony BBQ:

  • Easy to get going - simply plug it in and get cooking! The electric grill is immediately ready to use and gets hot quickly. 
  • Safe and clean barbecuing: Electric grills do not have naked flames that can get especially dangerous on a balcony. They also produce much less smoke than charcoal grills. Therefore, they are the perfect balcony grills.
  • Environmentally-friendly: If you use a green electricity provider, your electric grill is much better for the environment than gas or charcoal options. 
  • Full E-POWER: Electric grills are just as powerful as gas grills. The SMART-E by Char-Broil reaches temperatures of up to 370 °C.(The SMART-E electric grill from Char-Broil, with its innovative technology and aesthetic sophistication, is a winner of the Red Dot Design Awards 2023)
  • No heavy charcoal or gas canisters required: All you need is a plug socket! From now on, there is no need to carry these heavy supplies up to the balcony for the BBQ.
  • Easy cleaning: No charcoal residues to dispose of - cleaning electric grills is fast and easy. 
Are there any fire safety considerations to be aware of?

Grills can reach temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius. You should therefore take certain measures to ensure safe grilling. Never leave your grill unattended and make sure you find a safe spot: the floor should be firm and even so that your grill can’t easily tip over. In addition, you must ensure that the grill is positioned far away from any flammable objects. Even when using an electric grill, you should never have a barbecue in enclosed spaces. If you are allowed to use a charcoal barbecue on your balcony, you should not use any accelerants. They are unpredictable and are not necessary to get your grill going. 

Further tips on safe grilling can be found in our article on barbecuing safely.


How to properly plan a balcony barbecue party

For the best results, keep the following steps in mind:

  1. Inform your neighbours of your plans one or two days in advance. It’s a good idea to remind them shortly before lighting the grill so that they can close any windows they might have open.
  2. Plan where to place the table, chairs and grill. Make sure that nobody is sitting in the path of any smoke and fumes and that seating is protected from the wind and weather.
  3. Take fire safety precautions when using charcoal grills: Do not place any flammable materials near the grill. Do not use accelerants or methylated spirit (use only solid barbecue lighters). Use only high-quality, dry charcoal. Do not place your balcony grill underneath sun protection awnings or similar.
  4. Electric grills are the best option for balcony BBQs with friends and family.
  5. Keep bottles of water within easy reach or ensure you have a fire extinguisher nearby. Do not extinguish burning fat with water and cover it instead to smother the flames.
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