On your racks, get set, done!

On your racks, get set, done!

Thorough preparation is the name of the game – at least for all barbecue lovers ultimately looking for that glowing praise for their perfectly barbecued fare. No matter what you’re having a stab at, whether it’s caramelised blueberry and bourbon barbecue chicken, filet mignon or shellfi sh.

Every one of our barbecues is characterised by a set of special features – so there’s sure to be a model to suit everyone. Whether it’s for a garden party with the whole family, an evening with friends on the balcony or a last-minute trip to the lakes, the right equipment will make every BBQ a success.

SOME HOT NUMBERS – a few tips for a Brilliant BBQ:


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Absolutely essential:

A clean grill. it’s the only way to guarantee consistently high performance at all times. So get hold of that brush and give it a regular scrub. every barbecue should always be kept clean. Bring out the best in your barbecue by treating it like a valued friend. You’ll fi nd other useful suggestions in the user handbook that comes with every barbecue.

Little helpers at the ready

Every barbecue chef has long known the value of keeping useful utensils alongside a barbecue. Whether it’s sharp knives, a selection of hardwood chopping boards or a barbecue apron and good quality gloves to protect you from the heat of the barbecue.

Nothing comes from nothing

Still got enough fuel? Whatever a barbecue runs on, regular supply checks will make sure your cookout is never cut short. So keep an eye on your emergency fuel supply!

There’s something in the air!

Aroma chips get the best out of any barbecued food. and anyone giving them a go will be rewarded with an amazing feast for the senses.

All set?

A digital thermometer will help keep an eye on optimum temperatures. it’s the only way to ensure perfectly barbecued food. and a perfect barbecue means happy guests.
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