Rib Eye on roots

Rib Eye on roots

15 mins
30 mins

Rib eye on roots – Rib eye steak with garlic butter and grilled root salad



  • 4 Dry aged Rib Eye Beef Cuts (250 g pro Portion)

Grilled garlic butter

  • 1 garlic bulb
  • 250g butter
  • salt

Grilled root salad

  • 200g carrots
  • 200g beetroot
  • 200g parsnip
  • 200g celeriac
  • 1 apple
  • Fresh herbs
  • olive oil

Ingredient Tips

The perfect rib eye steak
Our tips will show you the best way to prepare rib eye steaks and dry-aged beef. Check it out!


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Preheat your grill so that part of the grilling surface is very hot for searing the steak.
for the grilled root salad : Wash and peel the root vegetables. Then cut into fine strips and place in a bowl. Add a little olive oil and fresh herbs and mix everything together.
Wash the apple, cut into thin slices and add a little olive oil.
Place the vegetables and apple together on a griddle or in a grill tray, and grill until the vegetables are cooked and lightly browned.
For the garlic butter: Remove the outer skin from the garlic bulb and cut the bulb in half horizontally.
Drizzle the two halves with a little olive oil, place in a small dish and cook on the grill over an indirect heat for approx. 20-30 mins.
Allow the butter to soften until it has a creamy consistency.
After cooking, squeeze the garlic out of the bulb and mix with the soft butter. Season with salt and pepper and voila, the garlic butter is ready.
Meat preparation Firstly, the steak must be browned well on both sides. You use the direct heat of the preheated grill. A thick-cut rib eye can easily withstand temperatures of around 800 or 900 degrees.
As soon as the Maillard reaction has created pronounced roasted flavours on both sides, the steak is then cooked indirectly over a low heat. During this phase, the core temperature of the piece of meat must rise to around 53 degrees. Use the meat thermometer to leave nothing to chance, and to be able to check the core temperature with precision.
The food is then placed on a preheated wooden board and left to rest until the core temperature of around 55-56 degrees is reached – this is how the steak should be served.
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