Char-Broil’s patented heat technology distributes evenly and protects food from drying out. 







The heat from our Char-Broil grill is distributed evenly across the entire grate so your grilled food stays juicy. The core element of our patented TRU-Infrared™ Technology is the unique emitter plate, which is used to convert the convective heat from the firebox into radiant heat. It collects the meat juices, which then evaporate and are returned directly to the food on the grill – preventing the food from drying out.

The emitter plate prevents uncontrolled flames and flare ups that burn the food on the grill. This way, you always retain full control of the temperature and cooking level. As a result, your meat is up to 50% juicier.
Furthermore, our TRU-Infrared™ Technology grills are more economical in terms of their energy consumption than comparable models without this technology since hot air does not escape and the heat is optimally distributed on the grate.

The removable emitter plate keeps dripping fat from getting the firebox dirty, which makes cleaning significantly easier. If you choose a barbecue with TRU-Infrared™ Technology, it’ll take your barbecuing to a whole new level. With a unique technology that not only guarantees first-class results but lots of fun too.

What's behind the patented technology:

The new TRU-Infrared™ Grills by Char-Broil:

TRU-Infrared™ Technology in the EVOLVE Electric & SMART-E electric grill:

Our new E-Power grills EVOLVE Electric and SMART-E are also equipped with TRU-Infrared™ Technology. Find out how the technology works on electric grills in this video.